Freelance SEO and Marketing Consultant

I'm Martin Sarsini, a Freelance Full-stack Web Developer and CTO.

As an SEO specialist, I have the knowledge and skills to drive traffic and generate leads for businesses by improving the search engine visibility of their website. My strategy includes optimising website performance, increasing accessibility, and fine-tuning the website's SEO to capture increased traffic and convert them into leads.

In addition to my SEO expertise, I provide a comprehensive range of services, including Fractional CTO, Back-end web development and Front-end web development.

Martin Sarsini

SEO Specialist

As a leading SEO consultant, I specialise in creating customised SEO strategies for your brand. I focus on improving your website's organic traffic and return on investment. My unique solutions aim to increase traffic to your website and enhance your website's ranking on Google Search.

I provide a comprehensive range of SEO services and have a track record of helping sites of all sizes improve search visibility and sales. As a freelancer, I do not offer standard packages but design a tailored SEO service that aligns with your business needs.

Freelance SEO Consultant for Hire

I am open to working as a freelance SEO Consultant and am available to partner with businesses of any size.

By hiring me, you can expect cost-effective and high-quality work with a personal touch from the beginning to end. There are no hidden costs.

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SEO Audits, Research & Strategy

SEO Consultancy Services

Technical SEO

The initial step in my approach is a comprehensive SEO audit. I examine entire websites for areas of improvement and provide recommendations for enhancing site health. The ultimate objective is to establish a solid foundation to construct the rest of the campaign.

On-site SEO and Keyword Research

I conduct thorough research on keywords, analyse competitors, and optimise landing pages. With this information, content writers can use the identified keywords as a reference.

Website Migration

When transitioning a website to a new platform, it is crucial to have an SEO expert available to ensure a seamless move without a decrease in clicks and impressions. I have extensive experience in migrating websites and can assist in preventing technical errors that may cause a significant loss of traffic.

My SEO Specialties and Tools