Freelance Back-end Web Developer

I'm Martin Sarsini, a Freelance Full-stack Web Developer and CTO with work a base in Berlin and Glasgow.

I am a Full-stack Web Developer focusing on back-end development using PHP and Symfony. I am experienced in designing, architecting, and constructing complex systems that effectively address real-world problems. In everything I do, I incorporate principles of Clean Code throughout my work.

Along with my proficiency as a Back-end Web Developer, I offer a full spectrum of expertise in fields including Fractional CTO, Front-end web development and SEO.

Martin Sarsini

Back-end development with PHP

As a Full-stack Web Developer, my expertise lies in creating robust and customisable Web Applications using PHP and various frameworks, with a preference for Symfony. I have experience utilising multiple SQL databases, such as MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL, and utilising ORM libraries like Doctrine to interact with them.

PHP Developer

I have worked with PHP for over 15 years, starting from version 4.3. Throughout this time, PHP has undergone significant improvements and remains one of the most prominent languages in web development.

Adopting PHP and Symfony offers several business advantages, such as cost-effectiveness in both development and deployment and access to a vast and active community of developers to aid in resolving technical issues.

Key skills as a web developer: Clean Code and Strong Teamwork

I believe that being an outstanding programmer involves more than just technical proficiency. As technologies constantly change, focusing on other critical aspects of software development is essential.

Strong teamwork and communication skills are crucial in software projects, as they enhance collaboration and meet customers' needs.

Writing Clean Code is also crucial because it facilitates others' understanding and maintenance of the software. It makes it easy to update and troubleshoot, which is particularly important in software development.

Freelance Back-end Web Developer for Hire

I am available for hire as a Back-end Web Developer to collaborate with businesses of all sizes.

Hire a freelance web designer/developer for cost-efficient, high-quality work with a personal touch from start to finish. No hidden costs.

Contractor Available for Remote Work in Berlin, Glasgow and Worldwide

Berlin is my home, and I maintain a work base in Glasgow. However, my resources are not limited to these locations, and I can work remotely on projects worldwide.

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Beyond Web Development: Software Engineering

I am a multi-faceted Software Developer with experience in both web development and software engineering. I have a passion for programming and a drive to solve problems. I am not limited to just building and maintaining websites. I have also created software applications that run on various platforms. Additionally, I have experience using PHP for various purposes beyond web development, such as serverless processes, migration scripts, and command-line tools.

Building Custom Web Apps

I specialise in building custom web solutions, including payment systems, chatbots, survey builders, user-generated content areas, and booking systems, in naming a few. As a web developer, I can create a tailor-made website that aligns with your brand, business objectives, products, or services, giving you a unique and one-of-a-kind online presence. A custom web development project not only involves a visually distinctive design but also features functionalities developed to be efficient and support your business goals.

Development Workflow and CI

My streamlined workflow revolves around "Plan, Sprint, Ship, Repeat" focusing on Test-Driven Development and Software testing, an Agile methodology and consistent deployment with technologies like PHPUnit, Git, Vagrant, LAMP administration, Ansible, CircleCI and RabbitMQ.

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