I’m Martin Sarsini, a Freelance Software Developer based out of Glasgow.

Projects & Clients

Over the years I helped the most varied software projects. Here is a small selection of the most recent.

Q4 Metrics

Survey development tool and back-end programs that enables data analysis and data representation.

University of Glasgow

Cloud-based Resource Booking system for the Institute of Infection, Immunity & Inflammation.

CCR3 Performance Management

A suite of cloud-based Software as a service tools providing data analysis, data representation and sample selection.


Dashboard Application providing users management of content, file upload, data reporting and data visualisation.

Yes Scotland

Smartphone Application for door-to-door canvassing providing location and survey data collection.

COVID-19 Vaccine Queue Calculator

Online calculator based on advanced maths formulas and big data.

Seed & Eat

Webapp providing an online marketplace, location geocoding and geosearching, and booking system.


Dashboard Application providing users management of content, data reporting and data visualisation.

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I am interested in how software can help in solving problems, especially when improving people's lives. Here are some things that I have made and that I've shared on GitHub.

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Small ideas are incredible. Build them! They will bring so much joy. Build stuff for 100 people. For 1000. Think of the possibilities!