Freelance Front-end Web Developer

I'm Martin Sarsini, a Freelance Full-stack Web Developer and CTO with a work base in Berlin and Glasgow.

As a Front-end Web Developer, my passion lies in designing and developing responsive websites and web applications that feature an excellent UI and UX, utilising technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

In addition to my expertise as a Back-end Web Developer, I provide a comprehensive range of services, including Fractional CTO, Back-end web development and SEO.

Martin Sarsini

Front-end web development

As a Full-stack Web Developer, I have the expertise to seamlessly connect a robust PHP backend to a user-friendly front-end. Daily basis, I work with technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and Webpack to create intuitive interfaces for displaying complex data.

Furthermore, I design mobile-responsive website solutions, keeping in mind the growing trend of mobile devices being the primary way to access the internet. The core principle behind responsive design is that no matter the user's device, they will have the optimal viewing experience tailored to that device.

Freelance Front-end Web Developer for Hire

I am open to working as a freelance Front-end Web Developer and am available to partner with businesses of any size.

By hiring me, you can expect cost-effective and high-quality work with a personal touch from the beginning to end. There are no hidden costs.

Contractor Available for Remote Work in Berlin, Glasgow and Worldwide

Berlin is my home, and I maintain a work base in Glasgow. However, my abilities and resources extend far beyond their boundaries, allowing me to undertake remote projects from anywhere in the world.

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App-like UX on the Web, thanks to PWAs

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can often serve as an alternative to native apps. They are web-based applications that run within a browser and can function across multiple platforms, reducing development and maintenance costs and bypassing the need for distribution through marketplaces like Google Play and Apple App Store. I specialise in using frameworks like Turbo, Stimulus, and Vue.js to deliver a native-like user experience on the web through PWAs.

UX that works

Providing a great user experience is one of my key priorities, as I deeply value the end-users satisfaction. I rely on various design methodologies like UX research, wireframing, prototyping, and information architecture to achieve this goal. This process enables me to understand user needs, plan the structure and layout of a product, and test and iterate on design concepts before development. I also understand that achieving great results often requires attention to the most minor details. Therefore, I focus on both creativity and attention to detail to deliver the desired outcome for my clients.

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