Fractional CTO and Technology Consultant

I'm Martin Sarsini, a Freelance Full-stack Web Developer and CTO.

I'm Martin Sarsini, a Freelance Full-stack Web Developer and CTO. As a Consultant CTO experienced in technology strategy, planning and execution for over 15 years, I've been helping clients align tech efforts with their business objectives and build strong technical teams.

My expertise as a CTO stems from a wide range of experience that I have honed and mastered over time, including Back-end web development, Front-end web development and SEO.

Martin Sarsini

CTO On-demand

I am a seasoned Fractional CTO and Technology Consultant, providing short- and long-term client services. I specialise in technology roadmaps, technology processes and organisation, vendor selection and management, architecture and scalability, aligning technology with business objectives, and mergers and acquisitions.

As a Fractional CTO, I am responsible for executive decision-making and liaising between technical teams and upper management. My responsibilities include overseeing IT security, managing technology contracts, and ensuring scalability, maintenance, and daily operations.

With over 15 years of experience in architecting, developing, and deploying technology solutions for companies ranging from startups to large corporations, I have a strong track record of success in providing strategic consulting on product development roadmaps, setting development workflows, full-stack web development, establishing project infrastructures, integrating with third-party systems, and providing code reviews. My expertise in creating efficient, clean, and maintainable web applications ready to handle high traffic and scale as needed is unmatched.

Fractional CTO vs Full-Time CTO

Hiring a fractional CTO can benefit a company because it allows for acquiring specialised technology leadership at a lower cost and time commitment. A fractional CTO can focus on specific aspects of the business and take on a portion of the responsibilities of a full-time CTO rather than being responsible for all technology-related matters throughout the company.

Hire me as an On-demand Consultant CTO

I am available for hire as a fractional CTO to collaborate with businesses of all sizes.

By hiring me, you can expect cost-effective and high-quality work with a personal touch from the beginning to end. There are no hidden costs.

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Business Analysis

As a skilled analytical thinker and problem solver, I relish the opportunity to translate business requirements into solutions that enhance software quality and optimise company processes. My experience includes evaluating procedures and requirements by gathering information from business and technical departments.

As a Web Development Business Analyst, I collaborate closely with clients and stakeholders to thoroughly understand their business needs and objectives, utilising this information to craft detailed project plans. Furthermore, I act as a liaison between the development team and the client, overseeing the project's progress to ensure it remains on track and fulfils the client's requirements.

Additionally, I am responsible for testing and quality assurance, ensuring that the final product is functional and reliable, meeting end-users' needs.

Product Development

As a product developer, my responsibilities include designing web-based and software products that meet the client's specifications and budget requirements. I collaborate closely with design teams to formulate and implement plans within the agreed timeframe. I possess a deep understanding of the technology industry. Additionally, I stay informed of current industry trends and use this knowledge to create competitive designs and drive revenue growth.

Technical Leadership and Managing Teams

I have been fortunate enough to work with numerous software engineering teams, both on-site and remotely. My extensive experience encompasses managing teams of designers, developers, and other professionals.

My personal mission as a Tech Lead is not only to create exceptional products but also to foster outstanding engineering teams. I prioritise the well-being and productivity of my teams by guiding them to deliver high-quality products within committed timeframes. My focus is always on the end-user and their teams, with a solid motivation to pay attention to the big-picture and the finer details.

My CTO Specialties