Coworking in Berlin: a map to find the best places

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Having recently relocated to Berlin, and being a Web Developer, one of my priorities was to find a place to work from.
Long gone are the days when I used to work from the living room or the kitchen (well, at least on a full-time basis). For that there’s Coworking, such an excellent possibility for freelancers, allowing to work in vibrant spaces and private life separate from business.

Like with most research tasks, I like starting the process first of all with the location as my first criteria and then filtering down on the other aspects.

It would have made my life easier had there been a way to visualise all the coworking places which Berlin has to offer, but unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find any websites that put together all the places in one.
Instead, I had to do a lot of manual work, googling for offices and entering the addresses on Google Maps to be able to understand where they were located.

That’s why I decided to do a bit of data mining, play a bit with Google APIs and put together a map with all of Berlin’s co-working spaces. I’ve managed to find more than 50 actual Coworking spaces, and in the future, I’m going to add Coworking friendly cafes.

Definitely, among the things to consider when choosing a Coworking space there is the atmosphere, what the place has to offer, the price, the communities around, but why not having everything together displayed on a map?

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