How Vueling refuses to unsubscribe from Spam emails

Vueling seems to not care about it’s customers, after complaints from hundreds of people in the past three years, they still refuse to provide a working link to unsubscribe from their newsletter. This obstinacy not only is infringing privacy laws but it’s also annoying hundreds of users.

A few months ago I was looking for a cheap flight for one of my holidays and Vueling turned out to be a good option. So I booked my flight, went on holiday, flew back home and I was a happy Vueling customer. All good, right? Had it not been for Vueling that had subscribed me to their newsletter despite the fact that I did not give them my consent to do so.
Well, that’s why like many legitimate and well-known companies, Vueling offers an opt-out with an unsubscribe link at the bottom of their newsletter emails. It’s a pity though that their unsubscribe link does not work.

After sending a few complaints, their customer service advised me to email one of their departments at [email protected] in order to have my address deleted. Guess what, that did not work, and I kept receiving their spammy emails.

So I did a little research and it turned out that this has been an ongoing problem since at least the last 2 years. I’ve found tens of dozens of people complaining on Twitter and Facebook about not being able to unsubscribe from their newsletter, and in each single case Vueling would recomend to send an email to request to be usubscribed.

Complaints about spam newsletter from Vueling

The full Facebook thread, is still available on Vueling’s company page.

While it’s not that difficult to see how the issue is trending on Twitter simply by searching “Vueling Spam”.

A recent tweet

From a year ago….

Three years ago…

And I think I will stop with these tweets otherwise it will flood my blog.

Can Vueling not just fix a simple problem with their newsletter usubscription? If they are unable to fix such a simple glitch, what are their chances that they cannot fix something in their airplanes. I dare not to think.

Making it difficult to unsubscribe and not listening to complaints says a lot about how Vueling treats its customers and what they value.

I am in process of filing a report to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and another one to the European Data Protection Supervisor. In the mean time the best option is to use the “Report Spam” button, at least email providers will block Vueling’s emails showing up in the inbox folders.

9 thoughts on “How Vueling refuses to unsubscribe from Spam emails

    • Thanks for the feedback, Zormon. That comes no surprise, it’s their business practice. I am not sure if I eventually got deleted from their list after my many complaints. Or if my Spam filter is just blocking them all out.

    • No solution unfortunately. They keep sending emails all the time. The only thing to do is to create an email filter that sends it straight to the spam folder

  • I flew Vueling last year. Now I’ll be getting their spam for 50 years. And there’s nothing anyone can do. I unsubscribed 9 times. And still no closer to being unsubscribed.

  • Robert Thomas says:

    I’d never even heard of them until I started getting spam from them (I live in the US and haven’t been to Europe for nearly 10 years). Either they got my email from somewhere else or someone is signing me up for it. Marked as spam and blocked.

  • Matthew Macfadyen says:

    I have just tried to use Vuellings send us a message on any subject link to complain about not tgeu4 newsletter and that I have uns7bscribed many times. There system would not accept it saying their robot assistant couldn’t understand it.
    When I press th3 unsubscribe link it says Zi have already been unsubscribed yet th3 mails keep coming.
    I really hope yo7 can stop this spam

  • kAren Gostlin says:

    I have unsubscribed many many times since August 2017 until now , December 2017, and I am still receiving their emails in my spam box!!
    I am infuriated!

  • Not flyingVueling says:

    Maybe someone can sue them now under the GDPR. All websites that I have subscribed to for newsletters sent me confirmation emails recently as part of being GDPR compliant, nothing from Vueling.
    Someone sue them please and stop this spam!

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