A Git workflow to automate deployment to Web servers

Code, push, deploy: the ideal workflow for shipping code to a development or production environment. There are various approaches out there which either use cloud based services or self-hosted software, the latter using posted data sent from Bitbucket’s Webhooks. The solution which I am going to illustrate here is a self-hosted option which uses the Webhooks only… Read More

Using the Gii Module of Yii1 in PHP 7.1

If you are using Yii1’s Gii Module and have upgraded to PHP 7+ you might be getting a 500 error message thrown at you when previewing Model diff code changes. Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; Text_Diff has a deprecated constructor I have recently… Read More

The Air Berlin saga: how they lost my luggage and refuse to refund (and they’re not even sorry)

How annoying and frustrating is it when companies provides awful customer support and obstinately refuse to pay compensation owed by statutory right? This is my story about my adventures with Air Berlin. After loosing my luggage, they provided poor customer support and, more worryingly, they refused to refund the purchase for essential items. The flights went all well and… Read More

Georgia: Backpacking in the Caucasus

For quite some time we’ve heard many promising things about Georgia: history, nature, food, wine, the friendly people. As usual, driven by the desire for adventure and for hiking in some beautiful places, we’ve decided to set off to visit this part of the world. The holiday has been fantastic. Travelling like locals by taking… Read More