-> I am a full-stack web developer with a primary focus on back-end

I am a freelance Web Developer based in the city of Berlin in Germany. For over 10 years, I have been helping start-ups and small to medium sized businesses imagine, design, engineer, and deliver successful web applications.

What I do, in simple words

I design, architect and build complex systems that help solving real world problems. My expertise ranges from simple websites that need to capture some data to large and complex applications that need to process any sort of information, take payments, perform automated tasks, deal with thousands of users and other unthinkable features.

PHP / Yii / Back-end

My main focus is in building web applications with PHP and a number of MVC frameworks to deliver rapid, powerful and flexible bespoke applications. My favourite frameworks are Yii (Yii1 and Yii2) and Symfony.
Other back-end technologies that I master are Vagrant, MySQL, PHPUnit, LAMP administration, Ansible and CircleCI.

HTML5 / Javascript / CSS

While I am not a dedicated front-end developer, I have worked on a daily basis with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, ReactJS and Javascript in order to provide highly usable interfaces to display complex data.
Being a full-stack developer, I can join the powerful PHP backend to a usable and friendly front-end.
I always enjoy working also on WordPress projects and over the time I have worked on many projects involving bespoke customisation of WordPress.

Project management / Business Analyst

My role as a freelance web developer also includes that of a project manager. I have experience managing teams of designers, developers and other professions, gathering project requirements, creatubg technical specifications and architecture documents, creating good documentation and managing projects timeline with Agile and SCRUM methodologies.

Need a web developer?

I can take your idea and build it from the ground up.
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Coworking, in-house or remote

I don’t always work from sunny beaches, my coworking office is in Berlin where I work most of time. But I am also available to work in-house.

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